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You can get from €10.000 up to the full (100%) of the due amount according to the contract for the purchase of the house or the cost of carrying out works.

To calculate the maximum loan amount we take into account factors such as the value of the property to be secured and the amount you can pay each month based on your income and obligations.

So, it is useful to know that, especially in the case of a purchase, you will also need to pay part of the value from your own money. To get a first idea of the amount you can get as a loan, you can use the loan calculator, to calculate the loan that suits you.

The method of payment of the loan depends on the purpose of financing. Specifically, the loan is disbursed:

  • Lump sum, if the purchase of a ready-made house is financed.
  • Partially, if financing the construction, completion, repair or purchase of a house under completion.
    In this case and after the disbursement of the first installment (advance payment), an engineer who cooperates with the bank that has issued the loan, checks the progress of the implementation of the relevant works before each subsequent payment of the loan amount.

You pay interest-free installments every month, starting one month after the date of granting (first disbursement) of the loan. You pay your installment every month on the same date, automatically through the account you have or will open at the bank that issued the loan.

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